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We are world renowned for the quality of our premium leathers and master craftsmanship.  Many of our patrons are the working men and women of America who appreciate hand-crafted quality footwear.  For them, we have labored to create an everyday work boot with a modern looking appeal.

Using our process we are able to hand-craft a rugged, durable and comfortable work boot. These boots are made to suit your specific needs and can be ordered with a variety of options – including steel toes and specialty liners.

Read the Description below for an extended explanation of some of the options.

Let us build a boot for your working needs.



We have created this everyday work boot for the working men and woman who appreciate quality footwear.

Leather:  We use premium 6 ounce bull hides for the construction of these boots.  They can be special ordered in a variety of colors.

Toes: You can order a plain toe or a steel toe.
A steel toe must be lined and comes standard with a leather liner – It can be upgraded to any of our other liner options.


  • Unlined – Ideal for warm weather conditions.  Unlined leather will breath extraordinarily well and offer a unique comfort in warm climates.
  • Leather Liner – A lined leather offers a sturdier longer lasting product.  The leather liner will reduce much of the ventilation but can be ideal for moderate weather and tougher wear conditions.
  • “HotFlow” Thermo Liner – This liner features some advanced technologically using a felt polypropylene material to ventilate and transfer perspiration away from the body.  It features an aluminum film element to maintain foot temperature.
    The aluminum film acts as an insulator pulling heat to its warmest point.  In warm weather, it will pull heat to the exterior and in colder weather it will insulate to the interior.
  • Sheep Skin liner – The fur on the sheep skin is a natural material that will offer insulation in colder weather environments.  The thickness and softness of the liner will also increase the comfort of wear.

Soles:  We offer one style of sole – The Israel Sole – on the Work Boots. The israel sole can be ordered with a taller or lower profile.  The lower profile feature the same tread pattern, but are slightly lighter weight, and use less material.  For heavy outdoor use we suggest the full profile version.

Warranty:  We offer a two year warranty against any defects in materials or workmanship for this work boot.  Those are defects in material or workmanship that are a result of our crafting.  This does not include normal wear and tear or neglectful and abusive treatment of the leather.  Please read our instructions on care and handling to properly maintain your boots.

Additional information

Weight7 lbs
Dimensions16 × 13 × 5 in


  1. Daniel Rossi

    Paid for the thermal liner and I couldn’t be happier. Four hours in the snow to clear my driveway and my feet were never cold and never sweat as usually happens. Well worth the price.

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