Im very dissatisfied with the level of customer service I received from Medical Center Pharmacy. There is a short aa manager with glasses that was quite rude toward me. I ordered Modafinil online days ago and they did not have my order prepared. Still today nothing and like i stated the manager was uncaring, cold and dismissive. This is my neighborhood pharmacy but after today NO More. Rude rude rude.

Medical Center Pharmacy
Address: 4700 Waters Ave, Savannah, GA 31404, United States
Phone: +1 912-350-6337

This pharmacy is the best. They got all you need or want at a very respectable prices. The staff is fabulous very knowledgeable and so very sweet. If your in the hospital they will deliver your scripts to you and if even need that 1 time fill they are more than happy to do it for you. Insurance is big in filling your scripts and the staff does everything possible to get the system to work for you and get your medicine for you. Also don’t even get me started in the healthy snacks they offer too. Forget that vending machine just go to the pharmacy they have everything gatorade to snickers and gum all the comforts while you visit the hospital or waiting on a script to fill. Fast service times and customer service that’s out of this world. Please visit and consider medical center pharmacy for all of your needs they are the best in town or Richmond hill lol. Support local guys and gals.

This is the SLOWEST pharmacy on the planet! Since there’s no pharmacy around this is my only option where they take my insurance but I absolutely hate it! The drive thru is always packed and even with one or two cars in front of you, they still take way too long! The whole point of drive thru is it’s supposed to save time from going inside and be faster for you… that’s unfortunately never the case.

I used the drive thru to pick up Modafinil. No cars, no line, and they answered their intercom promptly. Technician was very helpful with the questions I asked her and was able to answer them. Other than that, the customer service I received was great. The Medical Center Pharmacy staff are nothing like the stores staff which don’t know their left from their right.

Lo Cost Pharmacy
Address: 612 E 69th St, Savannah, GA 31405, United States
Phone: +1 912-352-0375

Good independent pharmacy. They fill fast and always have the manufacturer I need. Customer service can be hit or miss, but they are fast and I can tolerate them over the big chains.

Lo Cost family pharmacy is price GOUGING!!! I was so happy this morning when I found out they had at home Flow Flex COVID19 test for $32 I ran out and got 3. Only to find out later Publix has them for $10. When calling back to voice my concerns I was told “Sorry but that’s how much the owner wants to charge” I am so disappointed in Lo Cost. ????????

Have used Lo Cost Pharmacy for almost 5 years and for the most part it was a great place to go. But that’s nit the case anymore. Trying to get meds by good price is a nightmare anymore. Drive up window is permanently closed I believe which makes it inconvenient for everyone. I don’t have a problem walking but other rely on drive up due to difficulty walking. Taking anywhere from 1 to 2 hours to make it from your place in line to the counter to finally get the meds you need.

There hours are not correctly displayed online. They randomly close when they feel like it causing huge issues to people who don’t have the ability to adjust work hours to accommodate the pharmacy. I have never seen more then 3 people working there at a time in the 5 years I used them. They had 3 people working there yesterday when I went and it took 2 hours to buy my Modafinil. They were supposed to be ready for pick up Friday but couldn’t get them due to the random 5pm closing.

Kroger Pharmacy
Address: 1900 E Victory Dr Suite 12, Savannah, GA 31404, United States
Phone: +1 912-236-0750

Hands down best pharmacy ever. I have used alot of pharmacys because of many medical issues. From the minute I go thru the Lo Cost Pharmacy front door I am treated by the staff with a sence of dignity and professionalism. The pharmacy staff from the techs to the pharmacist are like no other very knowledgeable, caring, and just down right helpful.

This is the family-style pharmacy I have always been looking for. I have real relationships with my pharmacist team, they always answer the phone and make managing my health as easy as possible. From free home delivery to bridge requests when I’ve been stuck out of town, I feel very comfortable, safe and enjoy real convenience with Kroger Pharmacy crew. Shop local and get great, personal results!

I called in to Kroger Pharmacy. I had a few questions about the Modafinil and wanted to talk to someone briefly before order but was unable to come in for a face to face consult.
I waited on the line for 30 minutes before someone hung up on me. While angry, I figured that someone could have hung up on accident… so I called back.
I waited on line for another hour before giving up.
Not once did someone get on the line (even briefly) to tell me it would be a moment.

Genoa Healthcare
Address: 800 E 70th St #4, Savannah, GA 31405, United States
Phone: +1 912-421-0317

It’s a mixed bag with how you might be treated. When you call you’re always greeted with the kindest people EXCEPT the pharmacist , who thinks he perfectly capable of degrading you. Anthony is short and to the point when you pick up your meds,I think that’s how he keeps it moving so smoothly in getting the customers at and out.

Wish I could give negative stars cause the man who answered the phone was an absolute a-hole and berated me for asking a few simple questions about my prescription. Absolutely avoid this place and they’ll never be getting my business again.

Staffing issues were improved earlier this year and my on last interactions (a few months ago) have been good. The drive thru pickup is open again, lines are much much shorter, and the pharmacist backlog on prescription readiness is way down.
I’ve been doing business with Genoa Healthcare for about 3 years after switching from several nearby because of pricing and screwups. This pharmacy used to be superb and 5 stars
However recent service, post CoVID shutdown, has been abysmal. They are definitely understaffed. Prescription refills go for days or weeks in ‘processing’ status well past the fill commit dates (which have slipped as well). No one is answering the phone at any time. For a while, the online sale did not work. The drive through pickup has been closed for months and there is always a lengthy queue of people and a long wait for skimpy counter service. Vaccination appts run over an hour late.