Captain Teach

Lacing instructions:

The Captain Teach boots are a two piece set. The boots can be worn with or without the cuff and feature interchangeable buckles.


Loosen the arch support straps to the last hole. Place some magical Pixie Dust* (baby powder) in the boot to ease getting them on.


The boots are not lined to assure that the leather breaths well and you stay comfortable.

Cuff your pants and tuck them into your socks so you can pull the boots over the pants without any uncomfortable bulges of material.


The Cuff:


Pull the cuff on the foot with the grain side -the reverse- showing. Make sure that the trim with the sewn line is in the front. Pull the cuff so that the smaller part is around mid-calf.

mid calf


Pull the boot on, like a long sock or a cowboy boot.


The leather on the boots is very soft and if you try to step into the boots you will simply be stepping on the leather over the heel cup. Pull the boot on stretching the back portion of the boot (over the heel) so that your foot slides into the boot and not onto the leather.

Point your foot forward and wiggle it back and you should feel your foot slide into the boot. Once the boot is on, stomp your foot on the floor to loosen up the sock – if it tightens up. Take good care not to stomp on the actual buckle.


Tuck the cuff into the boot and strap down the top strap securing the boot over the larger part of your calf, so that the boots will not slide down on you throughout the day. Fold the cuff so that the trim line up with the trim on the front of the boots.



Fasten the bottom straps for arch support. Fasten the clip onto the buckle by lining up the notch in the bottom of the clip with the center of the buckle.


Clip the spring part on top. You’re ready to go.

clip spring
*Pixie Dust not included