Care and handling

We only use the highest premium grade of bull leather hides that are available to make the uppers for our boots.  It’s important to realize that leather is an animal skin and requires moisturizers.  Treat the leather well and the boots will last you a lifetime.  Ideally you should treat your leather every 3-6 months when being stored or more often and as needed with everyday use.  We offer some high-end care products for all your leather needs.

Natural oils, waxes and resins offer the most premium solutions in high quality leather care.  Silicon products can restrict air permeability and shorten the lifespan of leather.   (Read labels before applying materials!)

Store the boots in a dry and well ventilated space. Do not store any boots in a wet or damp area.  Do not store them in a tupper or plastic bag.  Leather needs a ventilated area to prevent the growth of mold and to ensure that the leather does not dry out.  DO NOT USE SHOE POLISH, as it will dry out the leather.

For Smooth Leather Boots:

First, clean your boots of excess dirt using a dry horse hair brush, then wipe them down with a slightly damp rag.  For heavily soiled leather use Raine for a deep penetrating cleanser.  Spray on in light coat and rub with a brush or rag in circular motions.  Allow several hours to dry completely before applying any oils or conditioners.

After a cleaning you can revitalize colors with leather dye and pigmented conditioners.  We offer Black Magik and Brown Mojo to rejuvenate black and brown leathers.  Colors can be restored as desired and is more for the aesthetics of the leather.  Rub the paste into the leather in small circular motions.  These products contain dyes and you must be sure not to get them on other colors.  Allow to thoroughly dry before applying conditioner and sealer.

After a cleaning it is important to recondition and seal your leather.  Liberally apply a moisturizer such as seed oil or mink oil to the leather.   Liquid oils offer deeper penetrating solutions that get deeper into the pores of the hides.  Pastes are a hardier material and will offer longer lasting protection.  We offer two versions of conditioner Mystique Oil and Mystique Paste.  To maximize the conditioning applications – liquid oil can be used to condition and paste can be used to seal and weatherproof.

Place the oil on the leather directly in small quantities.  Rub in small circular motions working into the leather and the seams.  This product can be used on any color leather.  The oil will offer a deep conditioning and a sealant.  Allow the oil to dry and apply the paste conditioning sealer.   Apply with an applicator or rag in small circular motions.  Paste is a thicker and heartier material and will preserve the leather for longer with less frequent applications.

Finally, if exposed to severe and continuous wet outdoor conditions, apply a silicon waterproofing spray every six to twelve months.  Silicon is harmful to leather and should only be used in extreme conditions.

For Suede Leather Boots:

Clean the boots of excessive dirt with a dry horse hair brush. Use a suede brush to keep the grain of the leather clean. The color of the suede can be revitalized using our Mystique Oil. Apply by dabbing lightly, without rubbing the oil into the leather. Apply a silicon spray once or twice a year.

Store the boots in a dry well ventilated space. Do not store any boots in a wet or damp area.


The buttons are on aluminum screw backs and are intended to be replaceable and interchangeable.

When lacing the boots it is important to lace around the actual haft(shaft) of the button (the piece underneath the design) and not spin the button around the screw backing.

Sometimes during lacing people can accidentally spin the button around by pulling the lace around a part of the button that sticks out or just pulling them on the wrong way. If you spin the button around during the lacing process they must be re-fasted with a screwdriver.

Periodically, check the buttons to make sure they are securely fastened. If they become loose, and you have no desire to change the button in the near future, we would suggest using a lock-tight to ensure that they are securely fastened and do not spin off the screw.


For more information check out our  Leather Care and Maintenance