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Captain Teach

The boot that Blackbeard himself would covet.  This boot has an aggressive styling with its hand-sewn squared toe.  It is a pull on style of boots that has several pieces to dramatically change the look of the boot.  The cuffs and clasps are completely removable to transform the character of the boot.

This is the perfect boot for someone with a variety in garb and costuming for different events and time periods from pirate festivals to steam punk to civil war reenactment and renaissance festivals.  Enjoy comfortable boots in the long days of walking at these events through rough terrain, gravel, mud, and rainy days.



In its dress down mode, the Captain Teach boots are a handsome boot with a squared off toe.  The simple design and can work well for a steampunk, cavalry or other reenactment event.  Without its accessories it serves as a handsome every day knee high leather boot.  Dressed up with its cuff and clasps, they transform to their pirate or privateer styling.

The cuffs are modular and completely removable.  The cuffs are such a popular accessory many of our patrons buy them for other styles of our boots.

Additional information

Weight7 lbs
Dimensions16 × 13 × 5 in


  1. Dane Hansen

    I bought a pair of these boots 8 years ago and i love them so much. Originally purcahse for a Link costume for lege d of zelda these shoes have seen multiple iterations of the costume. I have worm them to weddings, cons, nights out at the bar and for years at renn fest. They can take a beating and still be super comfortable all day. I love these shoes i just wish i could find a reason to wear them more often.

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