Our Story

Son of Sandlar is a family owned company based in Savannah, Georgia with a proud history of crafting the finest in leather wares.  For over six generations our family has hand-crafted leather boots and footwear.  We observe a long standing tradition and take the utmost pride in our work.  Our secret is simple: premium materials, superior designs and master craftsmanship.  Today we are proud to incorporate our principles into the making of our leather boots and garb for renaissance festivals, conventions, steampunk events, LARPs and SCA gatherings.

Our History

Simon is our master artisan and cobbler and oversees the daily affairs of our workshop.  Our family originates from Eastern Europe and descends from a long line of old world Russian cobblers.  He has been crafting and designing footwear since his days in his father’s workshop and brings over 40 years of experience into the making of every pair. He, like his father, and his grandfather before him, believes in one driving principle: take the utmost pride in your work.  We bring this principle into the making of every pair and strive to produce the finest boots for our patrons.  Boots carrying the name Son of Sandlar, bear the mark of excellence.

In the mid 1980’s, Simon became fascinated by the allure of the renaissance faire and the need of patrons for quality leather boots.  In today’s world of buying disposable footwear, it is a rare privilege to make a long lasting product that is truly appreciated for its quality.   We started making leather boots at renaissance festivals in 1989 with a simple idea to bring comfort and durability to our patrons.  Our original boot designs, created over 25 years ago, are still being worn today.  Our simple mission of long lasting footwear has since evolved into something much greater.  We found our home with a patronage that would come to admire us for the quality of our product.

Arik represents our sixth generation.  He has taken on the role of lead designer and manages the future of our family business.  In 2004 we introduced a new line of clothing and outerwear under his design.  Like his father, and his grandfather before him, he continues in the same tradition to take the utmost pride in your work.  We have grown our exposure into new fairs, events and shows and have greatly expanded our lines and ideas.  In 2012 we launched our sister company Twisted World which focuses on offering ultra-premium custom design work in other genres.  We have adapted to your needs and desires and will continue to evolve to bring you the most cutting edge in design, construction and comfort.


Today we merchant at many of the major renaissance festivals and are renowned within the renaissance fair community for the quality of our leather boots and garb.  Our family of patrons continues to grow with overwhelming support and encouragement.  We are working on adding more events and locations as they become workable in our schedule.  Our adoptive family continues to grow and you will see many familiar faces in our booths.  Our sales staff is highly experienced in fittings and trained in explaining our process.  Many of them have worked with us for several years, some can boast of decades.  Summer, Henry, Brian, Cassie, Doc, John, Belle, Paul, Laura, Southwood, Krystyne … honestly there are too many to name, and we are so very proud of them all.   They are masters of fitment and will guide you through our process while working with you to get a proper fitting.  Spend some time with them and they can assure you a lifetime of happy feet and stylish wares!

And the Future…

With the combination of old world principles, new world ideas and the support of our patrons there is no limit to what we can achieve.  We will continue to bring you new designs and fresh concepts.  We will continue to evolve.

We hope to see you soon at one of our festivals or events.  Try something on and see the difference quality can make.  We hope you will join our family of patrons!

Lavish Leather for all!

-Arik & Simon