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Purchased my tall 9 button black with green at Ren fair in Sept 2022. The process of fitting was a lot of fun! I am a woman size 11 W, with a tall arch-on top too. Fitting was super important. Size 42. I don't think i'll be able to wear another shoe again. These are the most comfortable, and most supportive boot i ever owned. Two months later and they are fitting better every day. I'm sorry, but this is not just ren faire garb. This boot is a go to for me. These boots never needed to be worn in, they were comfortable from the bench. My boots are warm, dry, and i do not sweat in them. They breath beautifully. They look great. I get compliments all the time! I feel pretty too. And my back does not take a beating from walking. And they are Made in USA. And I'm supporting a thriving business. (not CCP). I'm back to get my Queen of Hearts now. "All Hail Son of Sandlar"
I'm not sure where to start. To say these boots are of quality seems like such an understatement. Ordered a pair of thighhigh/cuffed buckled boots, and the fit is astounding. Out of the box, the leather was weighty and felt solid, but once on and buckled, I felt like I was walking around on a cushion of air! I seriously doubt that I can go back to ordinary shoes and ever feel this complete in footwear, so thanks for that, lol.
I bought my nine button boots back in 2015, and they’re still going comfy and strong. I have to condition them every now and then, but otherwise they require very little to keep up. I might need to invest in a shorter work-grade boot because i like these guys so much. They even replaced a screw that broke on me on the boots.
At this point I have 3 pairs of these boots. The first was bought in 2005 and are still good looking, just as comfortable, and in great condition. I used those boots for LARPing and as such have been put through the ringer but are still great looking. My last pair are actually on the portfolio page on the website, the Captain Morgan's. Son of Sandlar did a fantastic job recreating my tattoo and on top of that created exactly what I was looking for in the boots themselves. If you are standing or walking all day around fair Sandlar's boots will not fail you. They are very comfortable, great looking, and pull together whatever garb you have. They will also last and last without falling apart, the only thing that has ever happened to any of my boots is loosing the occasional button, which can be stopped by a little locktite.
I've been wearing these boots on the battlefield at Pennsic War for YEARS. They're my go-to boot for when I'm going to be on the battlefield in 40+ pounds of armor for hours in the August heat. They have also held up against the rigors of riding my Harley to the occasional event. If you're a fighter, fencer, or just do a lot of walking at events I recommend these boots! Worth every penny!
Just received my custom ordered boots even before expected. The quality is exceptional and the fit is perfect. They are extremely comfortable to wear. The sales person at the Ohio renaissance festival was very helpful and the boot choose will be perfect for both a pirate and a highlander costume. I intend to push your product and service to anyone who asks. Again thank you for your quality product and excellent service and will keep you in mind if I need any other items.
I have had my boots for over 20 yrs and had to get new soles anbd some patch work done on them last year. I would love to get another pair living in Upstate NY they get a lot of wear during the winter.... best boots I had for deep snow since I was a young child.
Earlier in 2016 my son bought me a pair of your boots while we were at a ren fair. He knew I'd wanted a pair for a very long time and could never bring myself to get a pair. For many years I've attended ren fairs, at the end of which my feet would be killing me due to inexpensive, ill-fitting boots. I immediately traded my cheap boots for my new pair and spent the rest of the day wearing them. At the end of the day my feet were no hurting. A few months later I attended another fair and spent two days of constant walking and standing without any discomfort to my feet whatsoever. I love these boots, and would highly recommend a pair to anyone who is on their feet all day, whether at the fair, or just every day wear. I have found that due to the development of foot problems in the past year, the only pair of shoes I own that do not hurt my feet are my Sandlar boots. I wear them every day, and am very grateful to my son for buying them for me, and to all of you at Son of Sandlar for making them!
I just wanted to say... I got a pair of your boot the first year you were at the Texas Renaissance Festival. The sock style, smooth black leather, heavier soles. The next year I got a similar pair, but suede and a smoother sole. Both are knee highish. I still own both pairs. I still wear them at fairs. I wore them working at fairs for a decade after getting them, and now when I visit a fair I wear them. Some of the most comfortable boots I have ever owned. My brother works fairs and has gotten a few of your button side knee length boots, (Sadly I can not longer convince the missus I need a pair of those LOL) But Maybe one day. He loves his as much as I love mine. Your boots are just plain awesome. Just wanted to say that. Thank you for selling an amazing product.
Mary Lee Prince After years of procrastinating, I finally have my first real pair of Sandlars. They are amazing, and the lady who helped me (Hannah) was very nice and very helpful. My husband actually bought these boots for me, and he was sniffing them because they have that new boot smell (his sandlars are about 7 years old and still look amazing, but they lost that smell). Anyway, I'm definitely a proud owner, and looking forward to running around in my sweet new 9 buttons at my next Larp event. Thank you!
Let me begin by stating my Low Buckle Boots are one of the two best purchases I've ever made at the Renn Fest in my years of going there.For five years I considered these boots before making the commitment. I've now had them for two years and wish I'd gotten them sooner. Now in 2016 they have experienced their first blizzard. I had already treated my boots with the Mystic Oil, so I used the Mystic Paste for the first time before i went outside in the 36+inches in my back yard. My feet stayed bone dry, the tread was OUTSTANDING going up and down hills and they looked great doing it! The construction is first rate, but the care instructions are what keep them awesome boots. I expect these to last me a decade or two and as someone who has owned several leather (and exotic skin) boots, these will be the ones that last the longest. Buy a pair. You won't regret your decision.
My boots came today! I never expected the unboxing to be so magical; to see that wonderful logo on the box, to breathe the scent of fine leather even through the cardboard, to feel the heavy boots with their satisfyingly oiled surfaces in my hands! Thank you Son of Sandlar for you excellent work, I do appreciate it. Although, waiting for faire to come back will be nothing short of torture now! Merry Christmas and happy new year to all you folks at Son of Sandlar. See you at the faire!
Trey Easton
I've had a pair of Low Buckle Boots for some years now. Recently, I broke a buckle on one boot. Son of Sandlar promptly sold me a replacement buckle at a fair price to put them back in service. The buckle came pre-attached to it's strap, a nice (and quite unexpected) surprise. I'm very happy with my boots, and the continuing service from you. Thank you!
I bought my pair of nine button boots about 2 years ago. The comfort of these boots is astonishing. I like them so much that I am planning to buy another pair this year.
I'm really excited guys! I have just ordered my first ever pair of Son of Sandlar boots! For my Renaissance Faire friends that know what those are, *excited scream and happy dance*. Those of you that don't. Check them out! They're amazing! Thank you to the people that helped me figure out the ordering details! smile emoticon Here's to boots with traction!
This year I purchased a pair of Sandlar boots, and it was the best purchase I could have possibly made. The boots have been worn consistently for the past 6 or 7 months, and my feet have yet to hurt in these boots. Even on days when I am doing 5 massages (massage therapist by profession), my feet do not hurt. Plus, the shoes are definitely nice to look at and I get complimented on them constantly. I love these boots!
Amber Moses
I walked by this booth at Pennsic several times before being tempted in by shade, an electric fan, and lovely sales people. I truly had no intention to make a purchase, but once I tried on the medievalish slips, I couldn't leave without them. I live in Oregon and have worn them every day since Pennsic: in the rain (LOTS of it), snow, and sunshine. They are my favorite shoes and look fantastic with garb or blue jeans!
Sarah Bosch
I just got my beautiful purple Queen of Hearts boots! They are truly lovely and feel wonderful! Thank you! PurpleJen
Jen Wanamaker
There is not much I can say that hasn't already been said. I ordered my boots last week and they were shipped out to me right away. Before ordering them, I spent several days e-mailing Son of Sandlar about the boots I wanted and you all were fast to answer my questions. When I received my boots, I tried them on and found that they are in fact the best boots I have ever worn. I am looking forward to wearing them for many years to come. The Low Buckle Boots I ordered are the best looking boots I have ever seen as well. Thanks for the great service and even greater product.
Byron Smith
I just got my boots. 27 years I have been attending Ren Faires, SCA, and all manner of medieval type gatherings. My shoes have been a constant source of foot discomfort. I always shied away from Sons of Sandlar due to the price. THEY ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY. The boots are wonderful. They feel great, they look fantastic, the are rugged, and I will never need another pair of boots ever again. If you are like me and holding off, STOP and get your boots now. You will not regret it!
Donald ObiDon
4 years ago, I tried on a pair of Sandlar boots for a photo shoot. I never intended to own a pair, I just needed to borrow them for 15 minutes. After the shoot, I didn't want to take them off. I bought them on the spot and wear them all the time now... with jeans, skirts, shorts, and costume ren-faire clothes. They look good with anything. I can wear them for 10 hours at a time, and my feet do not hurt. And after 4 years of regular wear, they still look good as new. I love the way they feel and I love the compliments I get when I have them on.
Summer Ramey
I walked by the booth at Texas Ren Fest for years and years always saying to myself "I like those boots." I would go in and look at the boots but always told myself they were too much. I worked at TRF last year and decided to try a pair on and fell in love with the comfort. They are great for standing for a long time, my feet did not hurt after hours of standing. Amazing.
Tona Hall