Button Boots

Lacing instructions:

The button boots are designed with a unique lacing system that is intended to allow our patrons a variety of fittings in a single boots. They are split down the side for variety of calf sizes without the need for customized fittings. The lacing around the buttons is designed to pull the leather around the ankle and calf for a tapered and tight fitting. The boots basically wrap around your leg.


Place some magical Pixie Dust (baby powder) in the boot to ease getting them on. The boots are not lined to assure that the leather breaths well and you stay comfortable.

Cuff your pants and tuck them into your socks so you can pull the boots over the pants without any uncomfortable bulges of material.

boot buttons


Put your toe into the boot while holding onto the top to the back of the boot (over the heel). Pull the leather so that you are not stepping on the heel cuff and put your weight onto the heel of your foot.

boot buttons
Your foot should slide in- almost with a pop and a thud. They are a very tight fit getting on so be patient and once again make sure that the leather over the heel cuff is stretched. Once the boot is on, stomp your foot on the floor to loosen up the sock – if it tightens up.


Start at the bottom and work your way up. IT IS IMPORTANT TO LACE UP THE BOOTS AT A 90 DEGREE ANGLE. To secure a proper fitting your ankle must be in the same position as it would be if you are standing up. Do not lace up the boots with your foot sliding forward as you will get an unnatural looking bump between the 2nd and 3rd loop and the fitting on the ankle will be off.

boot buttons
A good tip is to stand and put your foot on a chair and lean forward a little to achieve the desired angle while enabling you to reach all the buttons and keep the correct angle on the foot.


Make sure that the bottom flap (without the buttons) is flush against your skin or pants.

button boots

Do not worry about the top flap, it will fix itself as the buttons are fastened. The bottom button has a lace fixed in place with a slip knot. Pull the lace through the first loop and you will feel a tightening around your arch. From the top of the first loop, wrap the lace over and then under the second button and pull the lace up through the second loop. By going over then under you will create a loop at each level further securing the boot. From the top of the second loop, go over and under the third button and through the loop and so on until you reach the top.

boot buttons


The buttons are on aluminum screw backs and are intended to be replaceable and interchangeable. Sometimes during lacing people can accidentally spin the button around by pulling the lace around a part of the button that sticks out or just pulling them on the wrong way. If you spin the button around during the lacing process they must be re-fasted with a screwdriver. Periodically, check the buttons to make sure they are securely fastened.

Once you reach the top button, wrap the lace twice around the top button. Pull the lace perpendicular to the lace between the top loop and top button. Tuck it under creating a loose loop. Tuck the end into that loop loosely for a decorative tie.

boot lacing


When unlacing, be sure to go one level at a time going under and over the buttons. Again take good care not to spin the buttons around.

*Pixie Dust not included