Warranty Information:

We stand by our products and workmanship and warrant our boots for life against manufacturer defects.
We offer a two-year warranty for our Workboots against manufacture defects.

Manufacturer defects are defects in material or workmanship that are a result of our crafting.  This does not include normal wear and tear or neglectful and abusive treatment of the leather.  Please read our instructions on care and handling to maintain your boots properly.

If something happens to your boots as a result of defective workmanship or materials, we will repair them if repairable or, if not reparable, replace them at our cost, at our discretion.  However, even if they have been damaged from wear and tear or even neglectful and abusive wear and tear, we will do our best to repair them at your cost.

Our patrons are responsible for all shipping and handling costs to and from us.


1. We charge a flat rate of $30 for return shipping, handling & insurance on all repairs.
2. If a repair is needed as a result of a manufacturing defect, there will be no additional costs beyond shipping.
3. If a non-warranty repair is needed, we will evaluate the boots for the repair and advise you of the costs prior to beginning the repair.
4. If a resole is needed (our most common repair), our cost for resoling boots is $125, including return shipping plus any applicable sales tax.

How to submit a repair and the process:

E-mail for warranty claim: info@sonofsandlar.com.

  1. Take pictures of the damage and include them in your email.
  2. Include a brief description of the damage.
  3. We will do a preliminary evaluation based on the pictures.
  4. You will receive a repair authorization number after the terms are agreed to.
  5. A form will be emailed to you in a reply, and it will contain the PROPER address to send the boots to.
  6. An email will be sent to you when we receive the boots at our office.
  7. Repairs will take about 12-16 weeks to complete, so plan accordingly.