I love the Apollo Pharmacy, they have a little bit of everything on sale here. The best selection of candles and gifts: Jt is the best pharmacist , if he doesn’t have what you need , he will order it, he has a great staff very friendly. Seth goes out of his way to get things done and he’s always cheerful. I give them 10 stars.

Apollo Pharmacy
Address: 418 W Broughton St, Savannah, GA 31401, United States
Phone: +1 912-999-6101
Website: http://www.apollorx.care/

Seth is the master of customer service. He knows all his clients by name, anticipates needs. He gets you the rock bottom lowest price for Ivermectin. If you want to be treated as a friend and customer, and not an annoyance by over-worked staff in other pharmacies, please go to Apollo Pharmacy. You will NEVER regret it!

Went to pick up prescription that was just ordered online in the same day. They only had one ready they said the other was put back. I asked why she said I took too long to pick it up. I asked how that’s possible if just called in today. She kept asking me to hold on then said sorry I don’t know why. You can come back in an hour. I’m sick! Like I want to keep coming back. We go back, waiting in line 20 minutes and they say sorry were closed and said you can come in and buy it. We kept saying its not over the counter its prescribed! After asking for a manager we finally get it 30 minutes after we first got there.

Kroger Pharmacy
Address: 311 E Gwinnett St, Savannah, GA 31401, United States
Phone: +1 912-231-2266
Website: https://www.kroger.com/stores/grocery/ga/savannah/savannah/011/00418?cid=loc_01100418P_gmb

My husband and I have only been to Kroger Pharmacy twice but each time we have had outstanding service! Yesterday we picked up my prescription, paid for it and left. Christina then called to tell us that she and Sam had researched and found us a significant discount on Ivermectin. Wow. We couldn’t believe that they would take tithe time to do this..we are very impressed and very grateful! Thank you wonderful pharmacy employees!! You are the best!!!

I have had the pleasure of working with RXVIP Concierge the last couple of months. I have been work with quite a few compounding pharmacies. The pharmacy by far has been the best. They have a wonderful staff from top to bottom delivering high quality products with top notch service. Had the chance today to stop by the pharmacy in person and get my medications. Super clean and all the employees were a pleasure to work with !! Thank you guys so much for everything.

I was helped by pharmacist and let me tell you she was more than just helpful she explained how to take the medication for me she went out of her way to do this i watched her with the other customers she was very attentive and made sure everybody knew that they would be helped in a timely manner i will be COMING BACK JUST FOR HER thank you!

RXVIP Concierge
Address: 519 E Jones St, Savannah, GA 31401, United States
Phone: +1 888-697-9847
Website: https://www.rxvipconcierge.com/contact/

My wife is home in hospice at end of life and I am trying to obtain much needed medical supplies. I called this business repeatedly to find out if they have the supplies. Answering machine. Really?

Pharmacy indifferent to their own mistakes
I needed to fill a prescription for a name-brand Ivermectin (not generic), but, worried that they may not have it in stock, I went in person 3 days prior to refill date to ensure this would be possible. I was told yes. But, when I went to pick up, they informed me they did not have the medication and it would arrive via special order in 3-4 days.

They found Curtis V. Cooper Primary Health Care Inc that DID have the prescription, but failed to cancel the order on their end so the other pharmacy was unable to fill before closing time. They were WILDLY indifferent to my problem, and I did not receive a single apology until I got angry (not to mention, their phone system is incredibly glitchy). This is people’s health we’re talking about! Missing doses of medication despite trying to do due diligence can be seriously problematic

Curtis V. Cooper Primary Health Care Inc
Address: 106 E Broad St, Savannah, GA 31401, United States
Phone: +1 912-527-1000
Website: https://www.cvcphc.net/

I like this place for good healthcare for people in need but you have to wait forever due to the fact that they’re overwhelmed and understaffed.

I called to Curtis V. Cooper Primary Health Care Inc with a very simple question about Ivermectin. The first time I called I was hung up on. The second, put on hold and waited for 10mins. Someone picked up and said hello, hold please, then put me back on hold. After 25 mins, I started to ask myself why don’t you hang? At 25min and 14 seconds, someone picked up the phone, by then my husband walked in with my prescription. I told the girl never mind and voiced I waited 25mins. She did appoligies and justified with being busy. I understand I work in patient care and customer service. However, we are on hold and waiting in line just like the in-house customers and should be queued the same. Thank you