Boot Making Process

There are many factors that go into making quality Renaissance Footwear. As many have discovered, an attractive design with a high price tag doesn’t always ensure a quality boot. Nor does a rugged structure mean a quality design. As we have been making Renaissance Footwear for five generations, we have mastered each element required for making the perfect pair of boots. When you see what goes into each and every pair, you’ll understand why our loyal clientele come back after 15 years of ownership saying “I love these boots. I’ve had them for 15 years. Can I get another pair with a red trim?” A pair of Son of Sandlar Renaissance boots is a lifelong investment, handed down from one generation to another.

Only the finest of hides will be selected for cutting into our leather uppers. We use 6-8 ounce first-cut premium bull hides. Our boots are cut from full hides and are not lined; we do not use split hides or any sort of filler. The unlined uppers allow the leather to breathe well and provide increased comfort in warm weather conditions. The hides spend additional time in tumblers at the leather tannery until they are dyed through, treated with softeners and silicon to be water resistant. The additional time in the tannery’s tumblers is necessary for the leather to reach a deep rich color, allow the softeners and silicon absorb into the leather and ensure that the hides meet our stringent specifications for softness and long lasting durability. Our leather uppers – given the proper care – will last over 30 years.

Our insoles are custom designed out of a carbon-fiber blend and fitted with double riveted steel shanks. The steel shanks give you extra support and rigidity in your every step; particularly over uneven terrain. It’s that extra support that you need to make it comfortably to the end of a hard day of walking, running or swinging a battle axe. The insoles have direct contact with the upper and the rubber sole to ensure a firm contact and reduce any chance of separation.

Our soles are custom made and manufactured of the toughest rubber composition to be lightweight and durable. Our composition of materials is kept as a trade secret. The design of the sole is well suited to provide the traction needed to handle the conditions at a renaissance fair or on the battle field at a LARPing event with the SCA, DARKON, SOLAR or other groups. Our soling process – another trade secret – creates a bond so strong between the rubber and the leather that in tests and trials we were unable to separate the sole from the leather upper (at 150 pounds of pressure the leather tears but remains attached to the sole.). The bond is so strong that, when we re-sole the boots we are forced to cut the sole off and grind the rubber down to the leather.

Our goal is to hold true to our principles and proudly offer the highest quality footwear at a reasonable price. You have many choices in selecting your footwear; we hope to see you join our family.