Our hand-crafted leather boots come in a variety 0f different toe styles, each having unique characteristics for broad selection of fitments.  Some toe box styles may fit the shape of your individual foot better than others.  An actual fitting is always the best way to determine which style is best for you.

We also offer custom boot fitments if that toe you love just doesn’t fit you quite right.

Round Toe:

This is our standard toe box that is available on most of our boots.  Typically our boots are offered with our signature stripe down the front.  The Round toe offers a broad selection of fitments and can tend to be on the wider side with a bit more room through the instep.


Many of our leather boots can be ordered with the Square Toe option.  the square toe is a handsome finish with a hand stitched toe box in the front.  It offers a unique aggressive look and a more period proper design.    This style of toe has a lower instep but a wider toe box.


This toe box can be added to any of our boot styles. Let your free spirit and imagination out with this look. This style fits narrower than our other toe boxes.


As with the point toe, a curl toe really brings out your personality and adds to your character. This style fits narrower in the toe box than the standard round toe and square toe.


This is a unique toe style that has a slight flat curl to the toe box. This design is the most comfortable for wider feet and a higher instep.  This toe offers the most room of any of our production styles.

Turkish Toe


This style has the same interior width as our round toe style.  The lack of the seam in the front changes the direction of the leather stretch allowing for more movement around the width of the foot.  This may be a better options for a slightly wider foot with a slightly higher instep.   This toe box can be selected for most of our boot styles.


Steel Toe – Round:

This style offers comfort and protection for your toes.  Steel toes are only available on a rounded toe box and must be constructed with a liner.

We cannot offer any specific certifications on our steel toes.  The steel toes themselves are provided by a company that sells OSHA specification safety toes, however the boots themselves have not undergone any specific certification process.

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Welted Sole:

This is purely an aesthetic option.  The welting on the sole does not change any of the interior dimension of the boot although it does add a bit of sole to the outside, giving the appearance of a wider and more modern boot.  We began to offer this on our leather work boots for their appearance and have had several orders asking for them.  Today we include that in your ability to customize your renaissance fair boots.