What is a Boot Last? Why is it important?

The last is a tool in cobblery and is an ergonomic shape of the foot.  A cobbler will use the last to form and shape the leather upper to create a boot.  We construct the boot upside down pulling and stretching the leather around the last, skillfully tacking it to the midsole.  We re-enforce the toes with a box toe and heel counter with a hardened and formed carbon fiber material.  After the lasting process is completed, the upper is allowed to cure on the last for several weeks.  After the curing process, the boot will take the form and shape of the lasts.  This process pre-stretches the leather and creates points of support under the foot. Lasting is the basis of modern footwear and forms the structure and contours of the design.  The last is a tool used exclusively in the art of cobblery and its use and effect are the chief difference between the craft of making boots and the simpler leatherwork skill of making a moccasin or turn shoe.

Who makes the boots?

Simon is our master cobbler, who comes from a long line of cobblers and boasts over 40 years of experience making footwear. We have the team of hard working elves assisting him in his workshop to produce the finest crafted boots the world has known. We stole them from Santa - we have better cookies!

What are my options? What if I want a specific color?

We offer all levels of customization. You are only limited by the size of your imagination and budget. If you can dream it, we can build it. We have a variety of production options available at the faires and cons. However, if you don't see the color combination you want, we can create it for you. If you're wanting to venture out and make a completely custom piece, we are always excited to get involved in new projects.

Can my wide feet fit in your boots? What if I have large calves? What if I have skinny calves?

We surprise people daily with the comfort and fit options of our boots, especially those with wide feet. If you don't fit into one of production sizes, we have the ability to offer several levels of customized fitments. We can offer anything from simple wider patterns to fully custom molded lasts to create a boot made just for you. Wide calves are not a problem for us either. Some of our boot styles offer more space than others for the calf.

Will my orthotics or insoles fit in your boots?

Our boots are intentionally made to have a bit of room for insoles or orthotics. Having a comfortable fit is our top concern. The best way to find out is to be fitted with your insole or orthotics. We want you to become part of our family, and the only way for that to happen is to make sure your feet put a smile on your face.

What about clothing? Your brochures have clothes but I didn’t see any in your booth at faire.

We offer a full line of women's and men's clothing.  Several faires we attend do not permit the display of our full line of products. If you see something interesting and want to know more about it, ask a team member at the faire. They will be able to answer your questions about the fit and style.  If you are interested in finding something specific take a digital stroll through our Shop.

Do you ever have a special or discounts? What if I buy more than one?

Everyone at the faire is getting a discount. The items we make are being offered at direct-to-you prices. There is no middle-man and no mark up pricing; you are getting them from the source. When you purchase a boot from us, you're getting a product that was handcrafted by a 5th generation cobbler. We do occasionally offer freebies with contests on Facebook. We may give away passes to a Faire, or a set of buttons so watch out for those giveaways.

We have a section in our shop devoted to discounted items. These are available for immediate shipment and are discounted from our online pricing Bizarre Bazaar

Can I just go pick up my order in GA and save on shipping?

Our GA workshop is simply a workshop. There is no storefront and no point of sale. Our elves like visitors, for supper; beware, they prefer ankles! You're welcome to visit, but purchases only happen at the shows or on-line.

I bought a pair last week and I changed my mind. Can I return them and get a refund?

We do not have a return policy. All of our products may be exchanged for another size if they are in new and unworn condition. Please see our website for full details about our exchange policy.

Do you sell anywhere other than renaissance festivals? Where else can I try one on in person?

We are currently expanding into additional outlets other than renaissance festivals. We have a few comic book conventions on our list of shows. If we're not currently in a location near you, let us know where you would like to see us.

What about the ladies at the booths? Are they single?

Some of the ladies are sometimes single. Most are willing to share a story and a mead snuck into the booth. All are excited to tie you up in some lavish leather and play with your feet and ankles just a bit.

Son of Sandlar seems like a cool place to work. Are you hiring?

We are always looking for bright motivated people to add to our team. If you love our products, then we already consider you to be part of our sales team. If you're looking for a part time weekend job and are dependable, let us know. We just might need some help at a faire near you.