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Merchant Boot

Our Merchant Boots are a mid-calf ankle boot that has the feel of an engineer’s boot with some style and flair. The Merchant boot is an economical offering for our more casual ren faire patrons. This leather boot is a favorite lower cost option for our patrons seeking a quality boot for renaissance fairs, steam punk conventions, and other events. This boot works with many cosplay outfits, any steampunk costume, and even looks great with every day wear – it has a great crossover appeal.



The Merchant Boot is crafted of top-quality bull hides.  It is a BELOW calf boot with a small cuff.  It has an integrated arch and ankle strap that has a handsome custom cast buckle.  This boot comes in three varieties starting with a simple sheet sole, an upgraded Israel sole, or the square-toed version with a hand-stitched toe.

Additional information

Weight7 lbs
Dimensions16 × 13 × 5 in


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