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Forrest Boot

The Forrest Boot is a truly unique design with fantastic color variations; a well suited boot for the most eccentric of costumes.  These boots can be ordered in any color combination you imagine with a variety of options.  There are up to 8 different colors and textures we can add to this style to match any or all your ren faire garb or outfits!  Custom colors can even be ordered.

Be the envy of every jester, fairy and pixie at the renaissance festival.



Don’t let this boot’s fun colors fool you.  These leather boots are built of the same high quality materials as our full length boots.  They can be custom ordered in a variety of ways to achieve many different looks.  We offer them with any of our premium soles.  There are three production versions of this boot offered in a rounded toe, pointed toe and curled toe.  Enjoy them all!

Additional information

Weight7 lbs
Dimensions16 × 13 × 5 in

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  1. Nickolai

    Absolutely the best boot I have ever owned! I have worn them non stop for the past 9 years at festivals and day to day mundane life. They are comfortable and very stylish. Compared to other leather boots, these are an extension of ones foot. It melds to your feet and bend when and where they need to. The soles of these boots are amazing! One gets traction and not a slick sliding feel or any riding on the back of the heel. Highly recommended and always a favorite store!!

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