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Warrior Skirt

The wild skirt is a perfect accent piece to your garb. Wear it by itself or with a combination of under layers to create a unique look. 


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  • Measurements are around the low waist, between the waist and hips. Custom sizing is also available.
  • We typically use a premium Floater leather on our clothing. Suede is available and is sometimes used to offer a nice texture contrast.


The wild skirt is our newest addition to our clothing line. It is designed to show off the hips and legs and can be worn by itself or layered over other pieces of clothing. It has three adjustment points: 2 on the hips and 1 in front for ease of wear and to fit a variety of  body types.

This design is offered in two cut patterns. The Smooth cut is a mirror image design with symmetrical lines. The rough cut is a barbarian design, with every piece being unique and slightly asymmetrical.

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Weight15 lbs
Dimensions34 × 26 × 3 in


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