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Mystique Oil

Treat your leather well and it will last you a life time.   Proper care includes a three step process of cleaning, conditioning and sealing.  We are proud to offer the finest in leather care products which utilize the most premium of ingredients to ensure the full lifespan of your leather wares.

For use on smooth leathers only.



Our leather oil is a conditioning and sealing liquid blend of natural western seed oils, bees wax and propolis resin.  The seed oil is used as a deep conditioner.   The bees wax acts as a thicker conditioning agent and weatherproofing.  The propolis is a natural resin that is air permeable but water resistant seal – so that you leather is waterproofed and still ventilated.

This conditioner is a deeper penetrating formula because its liquid form can get deeper into the pores of the hides.  When finished with our Mystique Paste it offers the deepest conditioning and longest lasting leather treatment available.

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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions9 × 6 × 2 in


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