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Welcome to our Blog!

Date: 14th Jan, 2015 Post By: Arik

Greetings from the Son of Sandlar workshop and welcome to our blog!  We strive to bring you an informative hub for leather wares and renaissance fair fashion and news.  It is our hope that you enjoy these articles and find them interesting and helpful to answering some of your questions.  Our goal is to bring you an enhanced website experience giving you access to informative content and bringing you more interactive features in the future.

Please feel free to comment below or email us if you have any topics you are interested in reading about.  We’ll make our best efforts to bring the topics to light!

Lavish leather for all!

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  1. I just got my shoes yesterday. Thank you all so much, they’re amazing. I was told 8-12 weeks and I ordered them about October 23. They showed up a little less than 6 weeks in. And on top of the Sandler had to contend with flooding and power outages. You guys are amazing. Now I want a pair of boots with the show soles lol

  2. Whats the best way to paint the leather fleur de lis on James boots? And do you think I should even bother with the heel piece? From what I understand, I have to use a de-finishing solution (acetone), clean area and dry it well. Paint and let dry thoroughly. Once dried, use a sealant. Sound good? Missing anything? Thanks!

    1. I would really caution against trying to paint this leather. This leather is dyed through and you will always see the black under-layers coming through. Paint is topical and will not really change the color of this leather in a permanent way. You might be able to add a metallic sheen or some sort of distressing, but you will never really change the color.

      1. Okay. I’ll take a pass on painting it then. Ive read that shoe cream of another color eventually soaks in and gives it a different shade. Has anyone had experience with this or something similar?

  3. I purchased a pair of the short Black and Tan boots in August at the Renaissance Festival in Michigan. I’ve worn them twice and one of the skull screws broke. I just ordered 2 more. Other than that these are the most adorable, comfortable boots ever. I get so many compliments on them! Love them!

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