Doctors urge the stronger sex to refrain from this dangerous practice. Not only does toothpaste not delay orgasm, it can also cause burns and blisters.

British men are increasingly resorting to unconventional methods of increasing the duration of sexual intercourse, i.e. combating premature ejaculation. In particular, the story that this is actively promoted by rubbing toothpaste into the penis. This surprising in its absurdity claim has absolutely no scientific basis, but it spreads with cosmic speed through YouTube and social networks, gaining an increasing number of fans. In this regard, doctors urge the stronger sex not to put their health at risk and not to practice methods that have not been scientifically confirmed. There are more traditional methods – for example, you can buy Dapoxetine or Kamagra pills online at KamGet.

Not only does toothpaste not prevent premature ejaculate and does not perform the task that men expect from it. This hygienic product often includes mint oil and other chemical components, including bleaches. They pose a danger to sensitive skin. It is claimed that toothpaste causes burns and blisters on the surface of the penis, and this is clearly not the effect that men would like to get.

However, the danger from toothpaste on the penis threatens and women, because men bring it into the female body during sex. Experts have found that with the regular effects of toothpaste on the vaginal canal, the risk of infections increases significantly. As for the problem of premature ejaculation, doctors advise to solve it with the help of already tested means, and if they do not help, then turn to specialists for more powerful.